Article 28 Sponsor advertising on playing attire - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
1 June 2021

Subject to Article 27 a team may advertise up to two playing attire sponsors, one of which may be displayed on the shirt at chest height and the other on the left sleeve in the sleeve free zone.


The choice of script and colour of any lettering is unrestricted, but no manufacturer identification or decorative elements may be incorporated.


Front of shirt sponsor:

  1. A team may display sponsor advertising for one single sponsor on the front of the shirt that has been approved beforehand by its national association and that it also advertises on its shirts in at least one official domestic competition.

  2. The total area used for sponsor advertising on the front of the shirt must not exceed 200cm², in accordance with the measurement procedures set out in Article 53, and it must be positioned on the front of the shirt, in the centre of the torso.


Sleeve sponsor:

  1. A team may advertise for one single sponsor on the left sleeve, as follows:

    1. The total area used for the sleeve sponsor must not exceed 100cm2.

    2. The height of the sleeve sponsorship must not exceed 12cm.

  2. In principle, the sleeve sponsor must also be used as sleeve sponsor on the playing shirt in an official domestic competition.

  3. If no sleeve sponsor is permitted or used in any official domestic competition, the sleeve sponsor used must be either:

    1. another playing attire sponsor (e.g. back of shirt sponsor, short sponsor); or

    2. a non-playing attire sponsor used in an official domestic competition.

  4. If a team has no sleeve sponsor that complies with paragraphs b or c above, it may replicate the front of shirt sponsor or use the team’s approved playing attire manufacturer as its sleeve sponsor.