Article 16 National flag or national symbol - Equipment

UEFA Equipment Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
1 June 2022

The national flag or national symbol may be used only in its official shape and proportions (if such proportions are governed by any relevant laws or regulations).


Either the national flag or the national symbol may be displayed on playing attire as follows:

  1. On shirts: once on the front, at chest height, not exceeding 100cm², and once on each sleeve, not exceeding 25cm² per sleeve and positioned outside the sleeve free zone.

  2. On shorts: once on the front of the shorts, not exceeding 25cm².

  3. On socks: once in any position on either or both brand-new (unworn) sock(s), not exceeding 25cm² on each sock.


National flags and national symbols must be free of manufacturer identification, sponsor advertising and decorative elements.


The national flag or national symbol may be used in place of the team emblem, in which case the stipulations of Paragraph 14.03 apply.