Article 14 Decisions of the First Chamber - Procedural Rules of CFCB

Procedural rules governing the UEFA Club Financial Control Body

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 July 2022


The chairman of the First Chamber informs the defendant of the reporting member’s conclusions and the relevant evidence.


Where appropriate, the chairman of the First Chamber invites the defendant to submit written observations, together with any supporting evidence, by a suitable deadline.


After that deadline, the defendant may not submit any further documents to the First Chamber, save in exceptional circumstances and with the consent, or at the request, of the chairman of the First Chamber.


The chairman of the First Chamber may convene a hearing, either on his own initiative or at the request of the defendant or the reporting member. If a hearing is convened, the reporting member is heard first, followed by the defendant.


The reporting member may not attend the deliberations and cannot vote.


At the end of the deliberations, the First Chamber may decide to:

  1. dismiss the case;

  2. accept or reject the club’s admission to the UEFA competition in question;

  3. accept or reject a request for an exception to the three-year rule;

  4. conclude a settlement agreement with the defendant in accordance with these rules; and/or

  5. impose disciplinary measures on the defendant in accordance with these rules.