Article 1 Definition of terms - Procedural Rules of CFCB

Procedural rules governing the UEFA Club Financial Control Body

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 July 2022

For the purpose of these rules, the following definitions apply:

  1. Licence applicant: a football club, i.e. a legal entity fully and solely responsible for a football first team participating in national club competitions, that has applied for a licence to enter UEFA club competitions.

  2. Licensee: a licence applicant that has been granted a licence to enter UEFA club competitions.

  3. Licensor: a UEFA member association or its affiliated league that operates the UEFA club licensing system at national level, grants licences to enter UEFA club competitions and undertakes certain tasks as part of the UEFA club monitoring process.

  4. Defendant: a UEFA member association, licensor, licence applicant, licensee or individual that is subject to the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations and/or the UEFA Club Licensing Regulations for the UEFA Women's Champions League, as well as the regulations governing UEFA club competitions, and against which proceedings have been initiated by the CFCB.