Article 12 Categories and rankings - Fair Play

UEFA Fair Play Regulations

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Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Fair Play
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
1 July 2015

Awards are given every year to the associations ranked highest in the following three categories:

  1. overall fair play: the association with the highest overall fair play score;

  2. improvement in overall fair play score from one season to the next: the association whose overall fair play score has improved the most since the previous season;

  3. behaviour of spectators: the association with the highest final score for this criterion.


The association ranked highest in each of the three categories is awarded prize money to donate to amateur or professional clubs of its choice, for fair play or respect-themed projects. The Fair Play and Social Responsibility Committee decides on the amount of prize money awarded.


To be included in the fair play rankings for any given season, an association must be represented in a minimum number of fair play assessments between 1 July and 30 June. This minimum is calculated by dividing the total number of matches at which fair play assessments were conducted in the season in question by the total number of UEFA member associations represented.


If the supporters, players or officials of a representative or club team engage in serious negative behaviour that tarnishes the image of football before, during or after a UEFA competition match, whether inside or outside the stadium, the UEFA Executive Committee, on the recommendation of the Fair Play and Social Responsibility Committee, may exceptionally decide to exclude the association concerned from the fair play rankings for the season concerned; such a decision is final. An association excluded from the fair play rankings will not be eligible for next season’s award for improvement in overall fair play (see Paragraph 12.01 (b)).