Annex C - Concussion Charter - Medical

UEFA Medical Regulations

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Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
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1 July 2024

The players’ health and safety is of vital importance to UEFA and the teams taking part in its competitions: The present concussion charter was drawn up by the UEFA Medical Committee to safeguard the players’ health and, as the team representative, head coach and team doctor, we commit to the following guidelines.

Baseline screening

Baseline tests are helpful in the initial assessment, but even more so in the return-to-play process. As stated in the UEFA Medical Regulations, where baseline tests are a mandatory part of the pre-competition medical examination, they will be conducted on all our teams' players. It is recommended that teams allocate sufficient time for baseline screening in the weeks before the season and/or respective UEFA competition begins.

Medical review system

To enable immediate and informed injury assessments, all teams are strongly encouraged to employ a medical video review system at their stadiums/halls. UEFA will facilitate the installation of the system with the host broadcaster. Home teams using a medical review system should offer the visiting team the same system, at cost price, though the visiting team will be liable for any technical fees.

When UEFA provides a medical video review system, all team doctors will be briefed on how to use it.

Education for players and staff

Before the start of the UEFA competition, the team doctor will brief players, coaches and staff on matchday concussion protocol.

  1. In the event of a suspected concussion, the referee will stop the game to allow the injured player to be assessed by the team doctor. Players should remain calm during the situation and not interfere with the assessment.

  2. This screening is intended to facilitate the principle of "recognise and remove".

  3. The screening should not take more than three minutes, unless a serious incident requires the player to be treated on the field of play or immobilised on the field for immediate transfer to hospital.

  4. If the decision cannot be made after the three minutes or any suspicion of concussion exists, the player should not be allowed to continue playing.

  5. A player suffering a head injury that requires appropriate assessment for a potential concussion should be removed from the field and undergo further multimodal evaluation.

  6. A player may only continue playing once the team doctor confirms with the coach and the referee that the player is fit to do so.

  7. The decision remains entirely with the team doctor. Coaches, referees and players are not allowed to interfere in the assessment and decision of the team doctor.

During the education session, the team doctor will explain and present to our players, coaches and staff the video developed for the UEFA concussion awareness campaign, which is available upon request from

The team doctor may also present the UEFA concussion awareness poster that can be downloaded from TIME (medical documents section).

Return to play or training

In the event of a head injury or suspected concussion during the season and/or UEFA competition, before the player is allowed to train or play the team doctor should inform UEFA in writing that the player:

  • has undergone a comprehensive, multimodal evaluation by a medical doctor;

  • has passed each of the steps set out in the Graduated Return to Play Protocol referred to in the UEFA Football Doctor Education Programme manual or equivalent tool and is fit for training/competition.


As the team representative, head coach and team doctor, we fully support UEFA's guidance on how to recognise and manage a concussion from the time of injury through to the safe return to football.

We hereby confirm that if a concussion is suspected, whether during training or a match, the player will be immediately removed from the pitch.

We agree to take the necessary steps to comply with the present charter. We fully support the UEFA concussion awareness campaign and will organise an education session for all the players, coaches and staff of our team.

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