Article 12 General provisions - Medical

UEFA Medical Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 July 2024

The minimum medical requirements stipulated in this chapter for the treatment of players, team officials, the referee team and match officers must be fulfilled by the hosts in all UEFA competitions, until the final tournament or final, for which specific medical requirements are produced and shared by the UEFA administration ahead of the relevant tournament/match.


Whenever medication set out in Annex B is required and not allowed in the country of a match, the host must provide a valid substitute medication.


All the items listed in Annex B must be provided by the host and in place in the stadium/hall on matchday -1 and matchday. The match delegate will verify that the minimum medical requirements have been fulfilled by 60 minutes before the first team's matchday -1 training session and between 120 minutes and 90 minutes before kick-off on matchday. The stadium/hall medical coordinator must be available on both days, to accompany the UEFA match delegate during these inspections. Even if no matchday -1 training session is held at the match stadium/hall, the stadium/hall medical coordinator is strongly encouraged to organise a matchday -1 inspection with the delegate to ensure that everything is in place for matchday.


If the referee team trains at the match stadium/hall on matchday -1 in competitions listed in Paragraph 14.01b) and Paragraph 15.02b), the host must ensure there is a medical doctor present with the pitchside emergency equipment listed in Annex B.1, even if the teams are not training at the match stadium/hall or not at the same time.


If UEFA or the host decide that a planned matchday -1 training session in one of the competitions listed in Paragraph 14.01b) and Paragraph 15.03b) will be relocated to a venue other than the match stadium/hall, for reasons of pitch quality or for any other reason, the host is responsible for ensuring that the same level of medical services is provided and the same minimum medical requirements are met at the alternative venue.


If a team plans to hold their matchday -1 training session, or any other training session on the days before or after the match, at a venue other than the match stadium/hall, it is the team's own responsibility to ensure the appropriate medical care.