Article 56 Shirt sponsor - Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Champions League

Competition Regulations
24 September 2020

From the play-offs, only the approved and used shirt sponsor may appear on playing attire.


Clubs may change their shirt sponsor during the season as follows:

  1. a club that participates in the play-offs may change its shirt sponsor no more than twice during the same UEFA season and only once from the beginning of the group stage;

  2. a club that qualifies directly for the group stage may change its shirt sponsor only once during the same UEFA season.


Starting the competition without a sponsor but subsequently using one is not considered as a change of sponsor.


A change regarding the content of the sponsor advertising is considered to be a change of sponsor, even if the sponsor remains the same.


Clubs which want to change their shirt sponsor must submit their request to the UEFA administration at least seven working days prior to the first match in which they wish to use the new sponsor (together with the items defined in the UEFA Equipment Regulations).


Clubs that have qualified for the knockout rounds must announce any sponsor change to the UEFA administration by 1 February 2020 (12.00 CET) at the latest. No change in sponsor is permitted after this time.


If the national legislation applicable at the match venue prevents a visiting club from using its approved shirt sponsor (see the UEFA Equipment Regulations), the club may ask UEFA to replace its sponsor with a UEFA-endorsed programme or with a charity in compliance with the UEFA requirements. Alternatively, a club may wear advertising for a product of its sponsor as long as it complies with the applicable national legislation and is approved by UEFA. Such requests must be submitted to the UEFA administration at least two days before the match in question. Clubs are solely responsible for complying with the applicable national legislation.