Article 50 Video assistant refereeing - Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
28 June 2023

Video assistant referees (VARs) may be used in accordance with the IFAB Laws of the Game and the relevant IFAB protocol for the purpose of assisting the referee. The decision as to whether VARs should be used for a specific match is at the sole discretion of the referee, and that decision is final.


No sources or systems other than the official VAR system may be used by the referee to review replays during the match.


In principle, VARs may be used in all matches of the competition. However, UEFA may decide not to use VARs in certain matches. Should it prove necessary for whatever reason, matches may start and/or finish without the use of VARs, and any failure, unavailability, use or non-use of the VAR technology will in no way prejudice the validity of the referee’s decisions, with such decisions being final in all cases.


UEFA may decide to use existing infrastructure for the referee review area (RRA) or set up a new area in the immediate vicinity of the pitch. The RRA should be a neutral area adjacent to the pitch with a minimum size of 1.5m x 1.5m. It should be visible to the public (but without the RRA screen being observable) and should, in principle, be a minimum of 5m from each of the team benches. Only the referee is allowed to review replays in the RRA.


Following a VAR review, UEFA may use any existing screens in the stadium to show relevant graphics and/or replays supporting the decision taken by the referee. UEFA may also decide, at any time, to stop VAR replays from being shown in the stadium. In any case, UEFA shall decide which graphics and/or replays are to be shown and shall ensure they are provided to the giant screen operators. The use of any other different graphics/replays by the clubs or stadium operators is strictly forbidden.


Each club authorises UEFA and/or UEFA suppliers to install the relevant system approved by UEFA for the competition in its stadium, which may include the use of existing stadium infrastructure (e.g. cabling, WLAN, screens and/or giant screens). Furthermore, each club and the owner/operator of the relevant stadium must, at all times, provide such access to the stadium and stadium facilities as UEFA and UEFA suppliers reasonably require (e.g. as regards access to and use of power in the stadium for the RRA) and provide full cooperation in relation to VAR matters. The VAR system and the associated technology (including all cabling) may not be used, changed or touched by anyone other than UEFA and the relevant supplier.


During the qualifying phase, the home club is obliged to contract a broadcast or technical partner to produce a broadcast output of the match, even if the match itself is not televised.