Article 64 Introduction and objectives - Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
28 June 2023

In marketing the commercial rights, it is UEFA’s duty to fulfil, within a market economy-oriented environment, its cultural and sporting mandate to protect and foster the interest of football, thereby endowing the game with a position which is stable in value. Furthermore, the financial prospects stemming from sensible marketing are used to guarantee European football’s long-term existence, and to create new scope for the development of football in Europe, while taking into account the rules of the market economy and pursuing the following objectives.

  1. Healthy growth of football

    • In the stadium, the football fan should be able to experience, at close hand, the fascination of a football match.

    • Football should have an appropriate presence on television.

    • Football’s interests should be supported and fostered in the area of the marketing of the commercial rights.

  2. Fostering of the image and enhancing the status and social acceptance of football

    • UEFA’s previous endeavours to promote high-quality football should be extended to include the Respect campaign.

    • Fostering and integration of youth football (boys and girls).

    • Fostering and integration of women’s football.

  3. Priority of sport over financial interests

    • Future-oriented financial stability for UEFA, its member associations and clubs, as well as the safeguarding of their independence.

    • Fostering of solidarity within the European footballing community, through the sustained support of financially weaker clubs and associations.


For the implementation of the competition, UEFA may appoint third parties to act as brokers or agents on its behalf and/or as service providers.