E.2.12 Steadicams - Europa Conference League

Regulations of the UEFA Europa Conference League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
28 June 2023

Up to two Steadicams may be used, one covering each half of the pitch and located on the same side as the main camera. These cameras can operate in a zone extending along the touchline as far as five metres from the technical area, and along part of the goal line in pre-agreed situations. It is possible for the host broadcasters to use their Steadicams around the whole edge of the pitch for a short period of time during the pre-match warm-up, and/or subject to the approval of the club, in a fixed area on the pitch during the warm-up. During a penalty shoot-out, one Steadicam may operate on the pitch in a restricted area on the far side of the centre circle from the goal used for the penalty shoot-out.