G.5.3 Club media partners - Europa League

Regulations of the UEFA Europa League

Competition Regulations
24 September 2020

Delayed rights may be licensed by the clubs to club media partners for exploitation from Friday midnight CET (Thursday midnight CET for the final), as part of a club magazine programme (but excluding on third-party digital services), subject to the following conditions:

  1. any such programme must be club branded and fully dedicated to the club (e.g. The Tottenham Hotspur FC Hour). It is however acknowledged by UEFA that for a city/regional club media partner, the programme could be jointly branded with another club from the city/region (e.g. The Tottenham Hotspur FC and Fulham FC Hour, broadcast by a regional club media partner for the London area);

  2. programmes may be made available on a free and/or subscription basis (pay and/or pay-per-view);

  3. any such programme is made available as part of a linear delivery/push service whereby the viewing time is scheduled and fixed. However, there may be no linear/push exploitation of any delayed rights whilst any of the following matches are being played: (i) a UEFA Europa League match and/or (ii) a UEFA Champions League or play-off match;

  4. no individual programme may contain more than 50% of UEFA content comprising UEFA Europa League content and any other UEFA-related content, including other UEFA competitions. The only exception to this rule is a single programme dedicated to the final and released by the winning club (which may have 100% final-related content);

  5. until Sunday midnight CET (Saturday midnight CET for the final) following the relevant matches, club media partners (pursuant to licenses from the relevant clubs) can show club magazine programmes featuring match footage from no more than two clubs on the same channel and no more than four clubs on the same platform;

  6. after Sunday midnight CET (Saturday midnight CET for the final) following the relevant matches, the restriction outlined in point e) above shall no longer apply;

  7. there shall be at least a four-hour gap between the end of the linear/push exploitation of one club magazine programme and the start of the linear/push exploitation on the same channel of another club magazine programme (whether dedicated to the same club or another club); and

  8. there shall be no direct and/or indirect third-party association with the competition. In particular, clubs must therefore ensure that official club platforms and club media partners do not sell any form of sponsorship that directly and/or indirectly associates a product, service, person or brand with the competition.