Article 55 Colours - Europa League

Regulations of the UEFA Europa League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
28 June 2023

For all competition matches, the home club has the first choice as to which of its official playing attires announced on the playing attire approval form it wears for its home matches. In the qualifying phase and play-offs the clubs agree on the colours to be worn from the playing attires announced on their playing attire approval form. If the clubs are unable to agree on the colours to be worn by their teams, they inform the UEFA administration, who takes a final decision. As of the group stage, the UEFA administration proposes which colours should be worn. The proposals can be changed at the request of the clubs provided that the alternative solution does not lead to clashes in any part of the attires. If no agreement can be found, the UEFA administration takes a final decision.


In any case, if the referee notices on the spot that the colours of the two teams could lead to confusion, he decides on the colours, after consulting the UEFA match delegate and the UEFA administration. As a rule, in such cases it is the home team that has to change colours, for practical reasons.


For the final, both teams may wear their first choice playing attire. However, if there is a clash, the team designated as the away team must wear alternative colours. The UEFA administration proposes suitably contrasting colours in advance of the match.