Article 65 Commercial rights – qualifying phase and play-offs - Europa League

Regulations of the UEFA Europa League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
28 June 2023

Member associations and their affiliated organisations and/or clubs are authorised to exploit the commercial rights of the home qualifying phase and play-off matches which take place under their respective auspices ("qualifying rights").


Clubs shall not participate in any aggregation of commercial rights, or allow any third party to use any aggregation of qualifying rights granted by the club in any way that would permit third parties to create an association with the competition, its brands and/or its visual identity, whether through the use of a branded marketing programme or otherwise.


All agreements and arrangements pertaining to the exploitation of the qualifying rights must be presented to the UEFA administration on request.


For all qualifying phase and play-off matches, member associations and their affiliated organisations and/or clubs envisaged in Paragraph 65.01 undertake to provide UEFA free of charge and at least 24 hours prior to the kick-off of each match with access to television frequency information for receiving the broadcast signal at a location of UEFA's choice. These broadcasts can be recorded by UEFA in particular for the purposes envisaged in Article 70 and this Paragraph 65.04, and a copy of the recording shall be made available for the home club upon request. If the signal is unavailable for whatever reason, member associations and their affiliated organisations and/or clubs undertake to provide to UEFA free of charge, in HDCam format (or such other format as may be requested by UEFA) a recording of the entire match, to be sent to a destination of UEFA's choice for receipt within seven days of the match. The club shall ensure that the person owning rights to the above materials grants UEFA the right to use and exploit and authorise others to use and exploit any and all media rights in respect of up to 15 minutes (the exact amount to be determined at UEFA’s discretion) of audio and/or visual material from each match, free of charge and without payment of any associated clearance costs. The club acknowledges that such use may be aimed in particular at directly or indirectly promoting the competition within programming produced by or on behalf of UEFA.


Member associations and their affiliated organisations and/or clubs may not use or authorise any third party to use any of the competition trademarks or music or any graphic material or artistic forms developed in connection with the competition in programmes, promotions, publications or advertising or otherwise without the prior written consent of UEFA if not specifically permitted in these regulations including Chapter XII and the Club Media Rights Guidelines as set out in Annex G.