Article 37 Screens - EURO

Regulations of the UEFA European Football Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
3 May 2024

Simultaneous transmissions, replays and delayed footage of the match being played in the stadium may be transmitted on the stadium's giant screen provided that the host association has obtained all the necessary third-party permission to transmit such footage, including permission from the UEFA match delegate, the host broadcaster producing the live international feed of the match and any relevant local authorities. However, the host association must ensure that replays and delayed footage are shown on the giant screen during the match only when the ball is out of play and/or during the half-time interval, the break before extra time (if any), the half-time interval during extra time (if any) and/or before the start of the kicks from the penalty mark. Moreover, the host association must ensure that any footage shown on the giant screen under no circumstances includes any images that:

  1. may have an impact on the playing of the match;

  2. may be reasonably considered as controversial insofar as they are likely to encourage or incite any form of crowd disorder;

  3. may display any public disorder, civil disobedience or any commercial and/or offensive material within the crowd or on the pitch;

  4. consist of any action or any behaviour which is against the principles of fair play (including any images that are aimed at highlighting, directly or indirectly, any offside offence, foul or potential mistake of a referee);

  5. are accompanied by sound.

The results of other matches can be shown on the scoreboard and/or giant screen during the match, and simultaneous transmissions and replays are authorised for press monitors and closed-circuit channels.

This article does not apply to any form of replays of the video assistant referee which may be shown on the giant screens strictly in accordance with the relevant guidelines issued by UEFA in this regard.


Simultaneous or delayed transmissions on public screens outside the stadium in which a match is played (e.g. in a stadium of the visiting association or in a public place anywhere) may be authorised subject to:

  1. a licence being granted by UEFA; and

  2. authorisation being granted by the audiovisual rights holders in the territory of the screening and by the public authorities.