Article 56 Financial rules – qualifying competition - Futsal EURO

Regulations of the UEFA European Futsal Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 October 2023

The host association’s obligations commence one day before the match or the first match of a mini-tournament and end one day after the match or the last match of a mini-tournament.


In principle, the host association retains its match-related earnings and bears all organisational costs (including any taxes, levies and charges).


The host association pays the cost of the board and lodging of the referee team, the UEFA match delegate, the UEFA referee observer and any other appointed official, as well as their transport costs within the territory of the association concerned. The international travel expenses and daily allowances of these persons are borne by UEFA.


The host association is responsible for any travel expenses and daily allowances of the timekeeper which it has appointed.


For mini-tournaments, the host association bears the following costs for the visiting teams:

  1. board and lodging in a high standard four-star hotel for a maximum of 21 persons per delegation;

  2. local transport;

  3. laundry service for the match playing attire of the participating teams and referees.


To assist in covering the costs of the mini-tournaments UEFA makes the following contributions:

  1. €10,000 per mini-tournament participant;

  2. an additional contribution based on the host country's gross national income per capita, according to the categorisation of the UEFA member associations:

    • €10,000 for a category 1 host country;

    • €12,500 for a category 2 host country;

    • €15,000 for a category 3 host country.


Visiting associations cover their own international travel expenses to and from the venue. UEFA compensates each association with a contribution of:

  • €10,000 per return trip for a mini-tournament;

  • €5,000 per return trip for a single match.


For single matches, the visiting association bears its own travel, board and lodging costs, unless the associations concerned agree otherwise.