Article 59 Promotional purposes - Futsal EURO

Regulations of the UEFA European Futsal Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 October 2023

UEFA owns and has the sole right, to the exclusion of the participating associations and any other party, to exploit all the promotional rights to the competition.


On registering for the competition, associations must grant UEFA the right to use and authorise others to use photographic, audiovisual and visual material of their team, players and officials (including their names, relevant statistics, data and images), as well as the association name, logo, emblem, hall image and team shirt (including references to the playing attire manufacturers), free of charge and worldwide for the full duration of any rights for (a) the staging and organising of the competition (and future editions of the competition); (b) non-commercial, promotional and/or editorial purposes (including the use of such material in the multilateral production of television and media promotion and coverage of the final tournament and on/for the UEFA digital services); and/or (c) as reasonably designated by UEFA. Any such use may occur after the competition and may include references to and/or branding of third parties, including sponsors, provided that no direct association will be made by UEFA between individual players or associations and any partner. On request, the associations must supply UEFA free of charge with all appropriate material as well as with the necessary documentation required to allow UEFA to use and exploit such rights in accordance with this paragraph.


The associations must also provide, upon request, all relevant data and/or information for UEFA’s promotional purposes, in particular its official website(s), and for competition-related UEFA publications.


In case an association qualifies for the final tournament, it must grant UEFA the right to use and authorise others to use the association's imagery, free of charge and worldwide for the full duration of any rights for incorporation into commercial and promotional merchandise and materials (together with packaging and promotional materials for such merchandise and materials) provided that any such merchandise and materials: (a) relate to the final tournament; (b) include the competition name and/or a competition logo; (c) include association imagery from each of the other participating associations; and (d) do not give undue prominence to the association imagery of any one or set of participating associations. The requirements specified in (c) and (d) do not apply to the use of the association imagery of the participating association that wins the competition where such association imagery is featured in images of the celebration of its victory following the final match (for example, photographs of the presentation and lifting of the trophy). Such merchandise and materials may be sold or distributed free of charge and may include customary references to and/or branding of any manufacturer, distributor and/or provider of the relevant merchandise and materials, provided that no such reference or branding implies an endorsement of any such third party or their products and/or services by any participating association.


Associations must obtain all necessary third party rights and consents that are required in order for them to comply with this chapter and, upon request, must supply UEFA free of charge with the necessary documentation (including any third party consents) required to allow UEFA to use and exploit its rights under these regulations.