Article 60 Commercial rights – qualifying competition - Futsal EURO

Regulations of the UEFA European Futsal Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 October 2023

The host association of any match in the qualifying competition is authorised to exploit the commercial rights relating to such matches. In doing so, it must observe any instructions or guidelines issued by UEFA from time to time.


All agreements and arrangements pertaining to the exploitation of commercial rights in respect of the qualifying competition must be presented to the UEFA administration upon request. In addition, the commercial rights to any match in the qualifying competition may not be sold unless the sale is documented in a written agreement that provides for the payment of an appropriate fee to the host association. Any such fee forms part of the match receipts and remains with the host association.


UEFA owns and has the sole right, to the exclusion of the participating associations and any other party, to exploit the marketing rights to the qualifying competition generally or as a collective whole, including, by way of example, the right to nominate partners in relation to the qualifying competition or the competition (including the qualifying competition) as collective wholes. No participating association may participate in or allow any third party to use any rights granted by the participating association in any aggregation of marketing rights in any way that would permit a third party to create an association with the qualifying competition, the competition or the final tournament generally or as collective wholes. As a result, any grant by a participating association of marketing rights relating to the qualifying competition must be conditional upon the grantee and other third parties not exploiting the relevant rights in such a manner. By way of example, no participating association may create, or permit a third party to use rights granted by it to create, a website that is promoted as an official or dedicated website of the qualifying competition as a whole.


All associations participating in the qualifying competition undertake to take all legal and other measures that UEFA deems appropriate at its sole discretion to prohibit, prevent and stop any unauthorised exploitation of the commercial rights to the qualifying competition and to protect the ownership thereof.


For the purpose of directly or indirectly promoting the competition, in particular within programming produced by or on behalf of UEFA, the host association of any match in the qualifying competition must ensure that any third party owning rights to images of such a match grants UEFA the right to use and exploit, and authorise others to use and exploit, on a perpetual worldwide basis, by any and all means and in any and all media whether now known or invented in the future, throughout the world, for the full duration of such rights, not less than 15 minutes of audio and/or visual material from this match, free of charge and without payment of any associated clearance costs. For any match in the qualifying competition where production of a broadcast signal is foreseen, the host association undertakes to provide UEFA, free of charge and at least 60 minutes prior to the kick-off of the match, with access to the transmission details for receiving the broadcast signal at a location of UEFA’s choice. These broadcasts can be recorded by UEFA for purposes envisaged in this paragraph and a copy of such recordings will be made available to the host association upon request. If the signal is unavailable for whatever reason, the host association undertakes to provide UEFA with a recording of the entire match, free of charge, in HDCam (or if not available, in Digibeta) format (or such other format as may be requested by UEFA), to be sent to a destination determined by UEFA within seven days of the relevant match.