Article 17 Venues and kick-off times - Women's World Cup Qualifiers

Regulations of the UEFA European Qualifying Competition for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup

Competition Regulations
National teams
2 March 2021

Qualifying competition venues must be fixed and entered in the designated UEFA online system by the host associations at least 60 days before a match (and no more than four days after the play-off draw).


When fixing a venue, the host association must take into account the length of the journey to be undertaken by the visiting association. Unless the visiting association agrees otherwise, the venue for a qualifying match must be no more than a two-hour bus drive from the nearest international airport with daily flights from/to other European cities.


Any objection by a visiting association regarding a selected venue must be communicated to the UEFA administration, with the host association in copy, within three days of the venue being confirmed by UEFA. The UEFA administration will take a final decision, confirming the venue or requesting that the host association propose another in accordance with these regulations.


Kick-off times must be fixed and entered online by the host associations at least 30 days before the match (and no more than seven days after the play-off draw).


For reasons of sporting fairness, the last matches of a group must take place on the same day, and the UEFA administration is entitled to order these matches to be played at the same time.