Article 54 Team media activities - Futsal World Cup Qualifiers

Regulations of the UEFA European Qualifying Competition for the 2024 FIFA Futsal World Cup

Content Type
Competition Regulations
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
1 December 2021

If a team arranges to hold a training session the day before the match, it must be open to all sectors of the media for at least 15 minutes. If access is restricted to 15 minutes, the host association is responsible for ensuring that the hall is clear of media after this time, and that all cameras are turned off.


Each team must make its head coach available to the media after the match. Depending on media numbers, this may be in the form of a press conference or in a less structured format. This media activity must start no later than 20 minutes after the final whistle.


After the match, a mixed zone is set up to offer reporters additional opportunities to conduct interviews. This area is located close to the field of play and the teams' dressing rooms and is accessible only to coaches, players and media representatives.


All players from both teams are obliged to pass through the mixed zone to conduct interviews with the media.


Interviews are not permitted before or during the match on the field of play itself or in its immediate vicinity. However, pre-match, half-time and flash interviews can take place according to the following rules:

  1. Interviews are allowed with coaches and players before the match, subject to the agreement of their team.

  2. Half-time interviews may be conducted with one of the listed team officials, subject to the agreement of their team. No players may be interviewed at half-time.

  3. Flash interviews take place immediately after the final whistle in an area between the substitutes’ benches and the dressing rooms. Both teams must make their head coach and at least two key players available to audiovisual rights holders if requested.