Article 64 Interviews - Under-17

Regulations of the UEFA European Under-17 Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
1 July 2023

Pre-match, half-time and post-match interviews with each team may take place at the stadium as follows. Timings and locations must be agreed in advance by UEFA and each team.

  1. On request, the head coach or a player on the match sheet must be made available for a short interview before the match, related exclusively to the match in question, with the host broadcaster and the main audiovisual rights holder of the team's country.

  2. Additional pre-match interviews may be conducted with the head coach and players, subject to their agreement.

  3. Half-time interviews may be conducted with head coaches, assistant coaches or players, subject to their agreement.

  4. Each team must make one player available for a super-flash interview with the host broadcaster or the main audiovisual rights holder from its country as determined by UEFA, in a designated area located next to or on the pitch.

  5. If requested, flash interviews are obligatory and take place after the match. Each team must make the head coach and three players available to the audiovisual rights holders. Teams must ensure that the head coach and players are available for such interviews within 15 minutes of the end of the match.

  6. If a team's head coach is suspended for the match, or is sent off during the match, the team may choose to make the assistant coach available for the post-match interviews instead of the head coach.

  7. Teams must fulfil interview requests from audiovisual rights holders before conducting interviews with their national association's own media platforms.