Article 40 Appointment and replacement of referees - Under-19

Regulations of the UEFA European Under-19 Championship

Competition Regulations
National teams
13 July 2020

The Referees Committee appoints a referee for each match. Only referees from the official FIFA list of referees are eligible.


For each mini-tournament, UEFA appoints three referees from three different countries plus three assistant referees. In principle, the three assistant referees are proposed by the associations of the three referees (one from each association) in accordance with criteria established by the Referees Committee. The host association appoints one substitute referee (fourth official) plus one assistant referee, in principle for the entire mini-tournament.


The Referees Committee appoints referees and assistant referees for the final tournament.


For the final tournament, UEFA may request the host association to appoint up to two fourth officials.


The Referees Committee decides on the criteria for the appointment of video assistant referees for each competition stage.


UEFA arranges for the referee team to arrive at the venue, in principle, the day before the start of the mini-tournament. If a member of the referee team does not arrive at the venue by the evening before the start of the mini-tournament, the UEFA administration and all teams concerned must be informed immediately. The Referees Committee, in cooperation with the UEFA administration, takes the appropriate decisions. If the Referees Committee decides to replace a member of the referee team, such a decision is final, and no protests against the person or nationality of the replacement are allowed.


If a referee, assistant referee or video assistant referee becomes unfit before or during a match and is unable to officiate, he is replaced by another member of the referee team as follows:

  1. The referee is replaced by the fourth official.

  2. An assistant referee is replaced by the fourth official or by the reserve assistant referee if one has been appointed.

  3. A video assistant referee is replaced by the assistant video assistant referee.

If necessary, the match will take place without video assistant referees and/or without a fourth official.