B.2 Completion of the qualifying competition rounds and the final tournament - Under-19

Regulations of the UEFA European Under-19 Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
20 September 2022

In any case, the UEFA administration may reschedule matches and assign the rescheduled matches to an alternative venue if this ensures a match is played and allows the qualifying competition rounds and/or the final tournament to be completed accordingly. This should not jeopardise the schedule of any forthcoming phases in the competition. Such decisions of the UEFA administration are final. The rescheduling of qualifying competition matches is subject to the following deadlines for the different rounds of the present competition:

  • Qualifying round: by 27 November 2022

  • Elite round: by 2 April 2023


If, for any reason, a round in the qualifying competition cannot be staged or completed in accordance with this Annex, the UEFA Executive Committee will decide on the principles for determining the teams qualified for the next round.