Article 22 Venues and kick-off times - Futsal Under-19

Regulations of the UEFA European Under-19 Futsal Championship

Competition Regulations
1 August 2020

Qualifying competition venues and kick-off times must be fixed and entered in the designated UEFA online system by the host associations for approval by the UEFA administration, according to the following deadlines:

  1. 13 November 2020 (12:00CET) for the preliminary round;

  2. 22 January 2021 (12:00CET) for the main round.


The host must ensure that all hotels used for mini-tournaments are easily accessible and that the travelling conditions are favourable for the visiting teams. Hotels must be situated no more than a two-hour bus drive from the nearest international airport and, unless the visiting teams agree otherwise, no match venue may be located more than a one-hour bus drive from all hotels.


If, at any time during the season, the UEFA administration deems that, for whatever reason, a venue may not be fit for staging a match, it may consult with the host association and ask it to propose an alternative venue, in accordance with UEFA's requirements. Should an association not be able to propose an acceptable alternative venue by the deadline set by the UEFA administration, UEFA may select an alternative neutral venue and make all the necessary arrangements for the staging of the match with the relevant association and local authorities. In both cases, the costs of staging the match must be borne by the association originally appointed as host. The UEFA administration takes a final decision on such match venue in due time.


Unless the UEFA administration grants special approval, host associations are not allowed to fix kick-off times before 11.00 or after 21.00 (local time).


In halls without any proper warm-up area, and in the case of two consecutive matches, the host must leave at least 2 hours 15 minutes between each kick-off.