Article 60 Accreditations and access rights - Futsal Under-19

Regulations of the UEFA European Under-19 Futsal Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
16 August 2022

Unless protection nets obstruct the view, photographers may work in the areas behind the advertising boards between the goals and corners. They may only change ends at half-time or, if applicable, during the interval before the start of extra time. Photographers may work from the stands if located in a dedicated area and given permission to do so by the host. They may photograph all elements of the match, including the warm-up of the teams, the line-up, handshake procedure and coin toss, the game itself, and any post-match ceremonies.


Photographers may attend the post-match press conferences, space permitting. However, no photography is allowed in the mixed zone or interview areas.


No media representatives are allowed to go on to the field of play before, during or after the match, with the exception of the host broadcaster camera crew covering the team line-ups at the start of the match and up to two host broadcaster camera crews filming the teams after the end of the match. The same applies to the tunnel and dressing-room area, with the exception of UEFA-approved flash interview positions and a camera of the host broadcaster filming the following activities:

  1. team arrivals (as far as to the dressing-room area);

  2. players in the tunnel before the match;

  3. players returning to the pitch at the start of the second half.


A limited number of photographers, cameramen and production staff of the audiovisual rights holders – all equipped with the appropriate pitch-access accreditation – are allowed in the area between the boundaries of the field of play and the spectators.


The team dressing rooms are off limits to media representatives before, during and after the match. However, subject to the teams’ prior agreement, one camera crew of the host broadcaster may enter the dressing rooms to film the players’ shirts and equipment. This filming must be completed well before the arrival of the players. Any additional dressing room access for media (e.g. for post-match celebrations) must be agreed with the relevant team in advance.


A position in the main stand should be foreseen for a camera crew from each team to conduct technical filming. Generally they should be in a central position or a position agreed by the teams and the local press officer.