Article 9 Insurance - Futsal Under-19

Regulations of the UEFA European Under-19 Futsal Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
16 August 2022

All persons involved in the competition are responsible for their own insurance cover.


The participating associations are responsible for and undertake to conclude all necessary and adequate insurance cover for their delegations, including players and officials, at their own expense for the whole duration of the competition.


Host associations staging matches and/or mini-tournaments in the competition must conclude appropriate insurance cover, with reputable insurers at their own expense, for all of their risks arising under these regulations, in accordance with their responsibilities as set out in Article 6 and in the staging agreement in the case of the final tournament. The third-party liability policy must include an appropriate guaranteed sum for damages to persons, objects and property, as well as for pure economic losses corresponding to the specific circumstances of the associations concerned. Likewise, the policies must fully cover all risks connected with the staging of the matches or mini-tournaments in question (including force majeure events). In any case, host associations must ensure that UEFA is included as co-insured party in all insurance policies as defined in the present paragraph.


The host association must ensure that the owner and/or the operator of a hall used provide fully comprehensive insurance cover, including third-party liability and property damage. If appropriate insurance policies are not provided by the hall owner and/or the hall operator in due time, the host association is required to conclude the necessary additional insurance cover at its own cost, failing which it may be concluded by UEFA at the host association’s expense.


Claims for damages against UEFA are expressly excluded and anyone involved must hold UEFA harmless from any and all claims for liability arising in relation to the competition. In any case, UEFA may request anyone involved to provide, free of charge, written releases of liability, hold harmless notes, confirmation and/or copies of the policies concerned in one of UEFA’s official languages.


The third-party liability policy must include an appropriate guaranteed sum for damage/injury for all occurrences (including bad weather, force majeure and terrorism) to persons, objects, property, and for pure financial economic losses, and it must correspond to the specific circumstances of the associations concerned.


The host association of the final tournament must perform an assessment of the risks involved in organising and staging the final tournament and conclude at its own expense adequate insurance cover (including cancellation) for all of its risks arising from preparing, organising and staging the final tournament.