Article 20 Match dates and fixtures - Under-21

Regulations of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship

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Competition Regulations
National teams
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
16 December 2021

All qualifying matches are played on the following dates, as listed in the 2018–24 FIFA International Match Calendar.

  1. Qualifying group stage

    • 22–30 March 2021

    • 31 May – 8 June 2021

    • 30 August – 7 September 2021

    • 4–12 October 2021

    • 8–16 November 2021

    • 21–29 March 2022

    • 30 May – 14 June 2022 (double window)

  2. Play-offs

    • 19–27 September 2022


If all associations concerned are in agreement and in line with the principles governing the release of players for association teams as laid down in Annexe 1, Article 1 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, matches in the qualifying competition may be played on any other date, with the exception of the last matches of a group, which, for reasons of sporting fairness, must take place on the same day.


Meetings to determine fixtures in the qualifying group stage will take place immediately after the group stage draw. Associations must agree on the exact date of each match. Associations which are not represented at these meetings automatically accept the decisions taken by the other associations in their group. If the associations in question are unable to reach agreement, the matches will take place according to a standard fixture list drawn up by the UEFA administration. Any subsequent changes of date are subject to the approval of the UEFA administration. In such a case, the host association for the match in question must also inform the other associations in the group.


The dates for the play-off matches must be agreed between the two associations concerned within seven days following the play-off draw. If no agreement can be reached the UEFA administration will take a decision which is final.


UEFA compiles the match schedule for the final tournament, which takes place in June/July 2023. Each team must have at least two rest days between matches.