Article 69 Matchday media activities – final tournament - Under-21

Regulations of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
16 December 2021

Pre-match, half-time and post-match interviews can take place with each team at the stadium as follows:

  1. Interviews are allowed with coaches and players before the match, subject to their agreement.

  2. Half-time interviews may be conducted with one of the listed team officials, subject to their agreement.

  3. Post-match super-flash and flash interviews take place immediately after the final whistle in designated areas between the pitch and the dressing rooms. Both teams must make their head coach and at least two key players available if requested.


Each team must make its head coach available for a post-match press conference at the match stadium. The first press conference must start no later than 20 minutes after the final whistle. The player of the match, as designated by UEFA, must also attend the post-match press conference.


After the match, a mixed zone must be set up between the team dressing rooms and the team transport area. This area offers reporters additional opportunities to conduct interviews and is accessible only to coaches, players and media representatives. The mixed zone may be divided into separate sections for audiovisual rights holders and UEFA’s official media platforms, written press, audio media and audiovisual non-rights holders as determined by UEFA. All players from both teams that have taken part in the match, either in the starting line-up or as substitutes, are obliged to pass through the mixed zone for this purpose.