Article 44 Player lists - Under-21

Regulations of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
30 January 2023

For the qualifying competition, each association must provide the UEFA administration with a list of 23 players, indicating their surnames, first names, clubs and dates of birth, as well as the surnames and first names of the head coach and assistant coach, mentioning their coaching qualifications. Three of the 23 players listed must be goalkeepers. This list must be completed online by 24.00CET the day before the match. A signed copy of this list must be handed to the UEFA match delegate at the match organisational meeting.


Only 20 of these 23 registered players, two of whom must be goalkeepers, will be eligible to play. Amendments to the list are not allowed after the deadline mentioned in Paragraph 44.01.


For the final tournament, the list of 23 players must be completed online at least seven full days before the opening match. Three of these 23 players must be goalkeepers. A signed copy of this list must also be sent to the UEFA administration by the same deadline.


Should listed players or goalkeepers become seriously injured or ill, they may only be substituted if both their team doctor and a doctor from the UEFA Medical Committee confirm that the injury or illness is sufficiently serious to prevent them from taking part in the final tournament. Subject to the final approval of the UEFA administration, they may be replaced on the list of 23 players registered for the final tournament, as follows:

  1. players and goalkeepers may be replaced before their team's first match in the final tournament,

  2. goalkeepers may also be replaced before their next match during the final tournament.


All 23 players and the head coach are listed on the match sheet for each final tournament match.


All official player lists are published by the UEFA administration.


The associations are responsible for ensuring that the aforementioned provisions concerning player eligibility and lists of players are observed.