Article 29 Retractable stadium roofs - Women's EURO

Regulations of the UEFA European Women's Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
7 April 2022

Before the match, the UEFA match delegate, in consultation with the referee, decides whether a stadium’s retractable roof will be open or closed during the match. This decision must be announced at the pre-match organisational meeting, although it may subsequently be altered at any time prior to kick-off if the weather changes, again in consultation with the referee.


If the match starts with the roof closed, it must remain closed until half-time or for the entire match. If the match starts with the roof open, only the referee has the authority to order its closure during the match, subject to any applicable laws issued by a competent state authority. Such a decision may only be taken if the weather seriously deteriorates. If the referee does order the roof to be closed during the match, it must remain closed until half-time or the final whistle.