Article 60 Commercial rights – final tournament - Women's EURO

Regulations of the UEFA European Women's Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
7 April 2022

UEFA owns and has the sole right, to the exclusion of the participating associations and any other party, to exploit all the commercial rights to the final tournament, including those arising at, and relating to, the official training ground of each participating association. UEFA may exercise its right to exploit these commercial rights at its sole discretion and on a worldwide basis.


The commercial rights arising at, and relating to, the official training centre of each participating association commence the moment the team first arrives at the team base camp and at the latest two days before the opening match. They terminate at the end of the final tournament.


Each participating association must provide all necessary assistance and cooperation to UEFA in taking any and all legal and other measures that UEFA, at its sole discretion, deems appropriate to prohibit, prevent and stop any unauthorised exploitation of the commercial rights to the final tournament and to ensure that all the commercial rights remain owned and exercised solely and exclusively by UEFA without restriction. In this regard, no association may use or exploit, directly or indirectly, any commercial rights to the final tournament without the express prior written agreement of UEFA and subject to such conditions as UEFA may require. Each association must ensure that its players, coaches, officials and other employees as well as its partners, commercial or otherwise, do not use or otherwise exploit directly or indirectly any commercial rights to the final tournament without UEFA’s express prior agreement, which may be granted or withheld at its sole discretion.


From the association's arrival at the final tournament venue until the end of the final tournament, a participating association may not display (including on any clothing) any third party commercial identification or branding in any final tournament stadium, or at any official UEFA press conference, other than:

  1. on attire used at unofficial training sessions;

  2. manufacturer’s identification on attire in accordance with the UEFA Equipment Regulations.


Associations participating in the final tournament may be permitted to make coaching films, which must not be used for any purposes whatsoever other than for the instruction of players, referees and officials of the relevant associations. Permission to film and produce such coaching films must be obtained from the UEFA administration in writing. Such permission sets out any relevant financial and other conditions. Available space and locations for the relevant film crews are limited and any such requests for permission must be submitted to the UEFA administration at least 30 days before the start of the final tournament. All practical filming arrangements, including access, working areas, number and size of crews, types of camera, etc., are communicated by UEFA in advance by circular letter or a similar means of communication. All intellectual property rights in and to any and all material recorded for such purposes must be assigned to UEFA in writing and, if so requested by UEFA, a copy of all relevant film material provided to UEFA within 24 hours of any such request being made.


Each participating association guarantees UEFA optimum support in the implementation of the commercial rights, and undertakes to refrain from taking any steps that would encroach upon the rights granted by UEFA to any of its partners.


Each participating association must (where applicable) assist UEFA in combating activities that undermine UEFA’s commercial programme and the value of the commercial rights. In this regard, each participating association must provide UEFA with all such assistance as UEFA may reasonably require in order to prevent third parties from undertaking without UEFA`s consent, activities that directly and/or indirectly associate that third party or their products, services or brands with UEFA or the competition. In particular, each participating association must prohibit third parties to which it grants rights from undertaking such activities. In addition, no participating association may admit any person to a stadium who may reasonably be expected to act in a manner which undermines UEFA’s commercial programme.


Each participating association must support and ensure that its players, officials and other employees support the commercial programme established by UEFA for the final tournament, including, without limitation, the promotional programmes run by UEFA and its partners (e.g. ball boys/girls, player escorts, match-ball carriers, flag bearers, player of the match awards and stadium tours).