Article 10 Trophy, plaques and medals - Futsal Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Futsal Champions League

Competition Regulations
24 September 2020

The original trophy, which is used for the official presentation ceremony at the finals and at other official events approved by UEFA, remains in UEFA’s keeping and ownership at all times. A full-size replica trophy, the UEFA Futsal Champions League winners' trophy, is awarded to the winning club.


Should the trophy be handed over to the host, it must hold UEFA harmless from any possible liability with regard to potential claims for damages and must bear all related risks and responsibilities in connection with the holding and storage of the trophy. From the time the trophy is transferred by UEFA to the host, the trophy is the full responsibility of the host, which must obtain adequate insurance to cover its risks and responsibilities in connection with the use of the trophy and, if requested by UEFA, submit a copy of its insurance policy to UEFA.


Replica trophies awarded to winners of the competition (past and current) must remain within the relevant club’s control at all times and may not leave the club’s country without UEFA’s prior written consent. Clubs must not permit a replica trophy to be used in any context where a third party (including their sponsors and other commercial partners) is granted visibility or in any other way which could lead to an association between any third party and the trophy and/or the competition. Clubs must comply with any trophy use guidelines that the UEFA administration may issue from time to time.


The winning team is presented with 25 gold medals and the runner-up with 25 silver medals. Additional medals may not be produced.


Each quarter-finalist receives a commemorative plaque.