Article 18 Mini-tournament host selection - Futsal Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Futsal Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
16 August 2022

Clubs wishing to host a mini-tournament must notify the UEFA administration by means of the relevant form.


In principle, for the preliminary and main rounds, the UEFA administration decides on the mini-tournament hosts before the corresponding draw. If there are more clubs interested in hosting a mini-tournament than there are mini-tournaments to allocate, the following criteria apply:

  • quality of the infrastructure (e.g. halls);

  • travel distances;

  • promotional concept;

  • previous experience as a host;

  • development of futsal.


Should it not be possible to designate all mini-tournament hosts before the draw, the clubs in the group(s) concerned must agree, within a set deadline after the draw, which of them will host the mini-tournament(s) in question. If the clubs cannot agree, the UEFA administration will conduct a draw for this purpose.


If more than four clubs wish to host elite round mini-tournaments and fulfil the criteria set out in the application form, the hosts will be decided as part of the elite round draw. The first four clubs drawn will host the mini-tournaments. The remaining teams will be drawn into the mini-tournament groups in accordance with the elite round draw procedure.