Article 19 Match dates and fixtures - Futsal Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Futsal Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
16 August 2022

Unless all the teams in a group and their respective associations agree to play on earlier dates, matches in the qualifying stage must be played during the following periods:

  1. Preliminary round: 23-28 August 2022;

  2. Main Round: 25-30 October 2022;

  3. Elite Round: 22-27 November 2022.


The dates of all matches must be entered by the hosts in the designated UEFA online system by the deadlines set by the UEFA administration.


For the purposes of the match schedule, the host club is considered as Team 1. Visiting teams are designated as Team 2, 3 and 4 according to their coefficient rankings for the preliminary and main rounds, and according to their position following the draw for the elite round.


Four-team mini-tournaments must be organised according to the following schedule:

Day 1:

Arrival of all teams, referees and UEFA match officers
Organisational meeting

Day 2:

Matchday 1:

Team 2 v Team 4 and Team 3 v Team 1

Day 3:

Matchday 2:

Team 3 v Team 2 and Team 1 v Team 4

Day 4:

Rest day

Day 5:

Matchday 3:

Team 4 v Team 3 and Team 1 v Team 2

Day 6:

Departure of all teams, referees and UEFA match officers


The finals are played in April or May 2023 on dates to be communicated by the UEFA administration.