Article 59 Team media activities - Futsal Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Futsal Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
15 May 2023

If a team arranges to hold a training session the day before the match, it must be open to all sectors of the media for at least 15 minutes. If access is restricted to 15 minutes, the host club is responsible for ensuring that the hall is clear of media after this time, and that all cameras are turned off.


Clubs must make their head coach and one player available the day before each match for interviews with the host broadcaster and the main audiovisual rights holders from the territories of the competing clubs as requested.


Each club must make their head coach and at least one player available to the media on the day before the match if requested to do so. Depending on media numbers, this may be in the form of a press conference or a mixed zone. If their head coach is suspended for the match, clubs have the option of replacing them with the assistant coach for this pre-match media activity. These pre-match media activities must be arranged by the clubs in such a way that the media can attend both. For the finals, UEFA may arrange a larger media day with the relevant coaches ahead of the first matchday, in order to promote the event.


The post-match press conferences at the venue must start no later than 20 minutes after the final whistle and must be attended by the head coach of each club. If their head coach is suspended for the match, clubs have the option of replacing them with the assistant coach. Each club is responsible for providing interpretation, and the host club is responsible for providing any technical facilities necessary.


After the match, a mixed zone is set up to offer reporters additional opportunities to conduct interviews. This area is located close to the field of play and the teams' dressing rooms and is accessible only to coaches, players and media representatives.


All players from both teams are obliged to pass through the mixed zone to conduct interviews with the media.


Pre-match, half-time and post-match interviews with each team may take place at the hall as follows:

  1. The clubs must make best efforts to make the head coach or a player available for an interview before the match, related exclusively to the match in question. In principle, this interview is conducted by the host broadcaster and/or the main audiovisual rights holder of the country of the club.

  2. Half-time interviews may be conducted with coaches, players and listed team officials, subject to their agreement.

  3. The head coach and at least two key players must be available for post-match interviews with audiovisual rights holders if requested.