Article 36 Other team equipment - Futsal Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Futsal Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 May 2024

Any protective equipment used by players must be of a single colour, in principle the colour of the shirt in the case of elbow pads or the colour of the shorts in the case of knee pads. One manufacturer identification not exceeding 20cm2 is allowed on each elbow and knee pad. Alternatively, such equipment may be black or white. It must not protrude excessively and must be free of team identification, sponsor logos and any other words or images.


At all matches in the competition, team captains should wear a UEFA social responsibility campaign captain’s armband, provided by UEFA to all participating clubs.


For the finals, non-playing attire worn by the players and club officials may contain sponsor advertising and manufacturer identification in accordance with the UEFA Equipment Regulations. This provision applies:

  1. during any activities in the hall on the day before the match;

  2. at any official training session before the match;

  3. during any media activities (in particular for interviews, press conferences and appearances in the mixed zone);

  4. on the day of any match, from arrival at the hall until departure from the hall.


For the finals, only warm-up bibs provided by UEFA may be used during official training sessions, for pre-match warm-ups and for substitute players' warm-ups.