Article 16 Article: Match system - play-outs - Nations League

Regulations of the UEFA Nations League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
1 October 2021

The two teams relegated from League C to League D are decided by means of play-out matches contested by the four fourth-ranked teams.


The fourth-placed teams in each group of League C are ranked 1st to 4th based on the overall UEFA Nations League rankings (see Article 19) and play the play-outs as follows:

  1. The team ranked 1st plays against the team ranked 4th.

  2. The team ranked 2nd plays against the team ranked 3rd.


The teams ranked 1st and 2nd according to Paragraph 16.02 are seeded and will play their respective second leg match at home.


The winner of each play-out tie remains in League C for the next edition of the competition; the defeated team is relegated to League D.


The play-outs are played according to the knockout system, with each team playing its opponent twice, once at home and once away. The team that scores the greater aggregate of goals over the two legs wins the play-out tie.


If the two teams involved in a play-out tie score the same number of goals over the two legs, two 15-minute periods of extra time are played at the end of the second leg. The team which scores more goals during extra time is the winner. If, during extra time, both teams score the same number of goals or no goals are scored during extra time, kicks from the penalty mark determine the winner (see Paragraph 18.04 and Paragraph 18.05).


If any of the teams due to participate in the play-outs qualifies for the European Qualifiers play-offs for UEFA EURO 2024, no play-outs are played and the League C teams ranked 47th and 48th in the overall UEFA Nations League rankings (see Article 19) are relegated.