Article 41 Match protocol - Nations League

Regulations of the UEFA Nations League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
1 October 2021

The UEFA, FIFA, UEFA competition and the UEFA Respect flags (or other flag, as instructed by UEFA), as well as the country flags of the two participating teams, must be flown horizontally at the stadium at all matches in the competition.


The countdown to kick-off must comply with the principles set by UEFA. For each match, the specific countdown must be communicated by the host association at the pre-match organisational meeting.


Both teams must be at the stadium at least 75 minutes before kick-off.


The walk-on music provided by UEFA must be played from when the players emerge from the players’ tunnel until they have lined up, at which point the national anthems of both teams must be played (maximum of 90 seconds each). UEFA's pre-match protocol defines which flags and other items are carried onto the pitch and how these are displayed as part of the line-up ceremony.


At all matches in the competition, the players are invited to shake hands with their opponents and the referee team after the line-up ceremony as well as after the final whistle, as a gesture of fair play.