Article 63 General media matters – finals - Nations League

Regulations of the UEFA Nations League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
1 October 2021

Each participating association must appoint a dedicated English-speaking press officer to coordinate media matters with UEFA and the media in accordance with UEFA’s rules and regulations. The association’s press officer must attend all media activities and ensure that the team meets all its media obligations in connection with each match.


Teams must cooperate to the fullest extent possible with access and interview requests from UEFA media platforms before, during and after the competition. Each team must provide UEFA with access to all 23 players in their squad, the head coach and the assistant coach for a squad media day, in order for UEFA to gather content for host broadcaster operations and UEFA media platforms. Each team’s squad media day takes place no later than three days before the team’s first match in the finals, unless alternative arrangements are agreed by the team and UEFA. The precise format and requirements are defined and communicated by UEFA.


For the finals, all team media activities at the match stadium are coordinated by UEFA.


Access devices for matches in the finals and official media activities are managed and distributed by UEFA.


In accordance with UEFA’s specifications, each team must hold a daily media activity, in the form of a press conference or a mixed zone or in an alternative format agreed with UEFA in advance. In addition, teams may hold only one fully closed training session before each match. All other training sessions must be open to media for at least 15 minutes.


For the finals, the following restrictions apply:

  1. No media representatives are allowed on the field of play before, during or after the match, with the exception of the host broadcaster for approved operations.

  2. Non-authorised media representatives are not allowed on the field of play or the area between the boundaries of the field and the spectators. Only media representatives who have been granted permission by UEFA, such as photographers, audiovisual rights holders and the host broadcaster for approved operations, are allowed in such areas to carry out their work in the specific locations assigned to them.

  3. No media representatives are allowed in the players’ tunnel or the dressing room area, except for flash interviews in UEFA-approved positions and for approved host broadcaster operations.

  4. The dressing rooms are off limits to media representatives before, during and after the match except for approved host broadcaster operations. A short presentation may be conducted in a team’s dressing room on matchday, before the arrival and subject to the agreement of the team in question. This filming will be supervised by UEFA and may be conducted only by the main audiovisual rights holder(s) of the relevant team’s country.