Article 64 Media activities on the day before the match – finals - Nations League

Regulations of the UEFA Nations League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
1 October 2021

Both teams must make their training session on the day before the match open to the media for at least 15 minutes, in accordance with the schedule agreed in advance with UEFA. These official training sessions must be arranged by the two teams and UEFA together, so that the media can attend both. In principle, these official training sessions take place at the match stadium, unless otherwise agreed in advance with UEFA. Each team may decide whether the entire training session or only the first 15 minutes are open to the media. If media access is limited to 15 minutes, counting from the actual start of the training session, this restriction applies to all media, including the association's own media platforms. It is the responsibility of UEFA to ensure that the stadium is quickly cleared of media after the 15 minutes have elapsed and that all permanently installed TV cameras are switched off. Training sessions that start earlier than scheduled must nevertheless be open for the advertised period of 15 minutes. In cases where a team does not intend to hold a training session on the day before the game, the training session on the previous day (two days before the match) must be open to the media instead and will be considered as the official pre-match training session. UEFA must be informed at least 24 hours in advance.


Each team must hold an official UEFA press conference at the match stadium the day before each of its matches. These press conferences are coordinated by UEFA and the participating teams to avoid schedule clashes and to meet media deadlines. In principle, the official time slots defined by UEFA must be respected. If no agreement can be reached, UEFA’s decision is final. The pre-match press conference must be attended by the head coach and at least one player. This obligation also applies to suspended head coaches. UEFA-provided backdrops must be used at all official UEFA press conferences.


Each team must make its head coach and at least one player available on the day before each match for interviews with the host broadcaster and any live audiovisual rights holder from its own country and the country of the opposing team.