Article 52 Competition area - Nations League

Regulations of the UEFA Nations League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
11 December 2023

The 11 team officials and 12 substitute players indicated on the match sheet, i.e. a total of 23 people, are allowed to sit on the team bench. Seating must be provided for 23 people. If the team bench provides fewer than 23 seats, the remaining number of seats must be accommodated behind or to the side of each team bench, with access to the dressing rooms. All the substitutes and the team doctor indicated on the match sheet must be seated on the team bench during the match.


During the match, substitutes are allowed to leave the technical area to warm up in the pre-defined area confirmed by the referee. In principle, five substitutes per team are allowed to warm up at the same time; however, if space does not permit, the referee may decide to limit the number of substitutes allowed to warm up simultaneously to three per team. The team fitness coach indicated on the match sheet may join the players warming up and is responsible for ensuring that the referee’s instructions are respected.


Smoking is not allowed in the technical area. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes.


The use of any electronic communication equipment and/or systems is regulated by the IFAB Laws of the Game and the relevant instructions issued. Under no circumstances may any such systems be used by teams in connection with any kind of refereeing decision or matter.