Article 64 Commercial rights – finals - Nations League

Regulations of the UEFA Nations League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
11 December 2023

UEFA owns and has the sole right, to the exclusion of the participating associations and any other party, to exploit all the commercial rights to the finals, including those arising at, and relating to, the official training centre of each participating association. UEFA may exercise its right to exploit these commercial rights at its sole discretion and on a worldwide basis.


UEFA has the exclusive right to undertake the multilateral production of television and media coverage for the finals, including all matches and other official events, in particular in order to promote the competition and the participation of the relevant associations. In order to fulfil this role, the host broadcaster will film and produce a wide range of materials for UEFA’s own use and also for the production of material for distribution on a worldwide basis to the official broadcast partners and other UEFA-appointed media outlets for the overall benefit, coverage and promotion of the competition and, in particular, the finals. Each association participating in the finals, including its teams and officials (in particular its press officers), is required to cooperate to the fullest extent possible to facilitate host broadcaster operations, including in respect of access to and the obtaining of consents from players, coaches and other team officials for the purposes of interviews, in order to best promote the competition as a whole.


The commercial rights arising at and relating to the official training centre of each participating association commence the moment the team arrives at the team hotel. They terminate upon conclusion of the finals.


Each participating association must provide all necessary assistance and cooperation to UEFA in taking any and all legal and other measures that UEFA, at its sole discretion, deems appropriate to prohibit, prevent and stop any unauthorised exploitation of the commercial rights to the finals and to ensure that all the commercial rights remain owned and exercised solely and exclusively by UEFA without restriction. In this regard, no association may use or exploit, directly or indirectly, any commercial rights to the finals without the express prior written agreement of UEFA and subject to such conditions as UEFA may require. Each association must ensure that its players, coaches, officials and other employees as well as its partners, commercial or otherwise, do not use or otherwise exploit directly or indirectly any commercial rights to the finals without UEFA’s express prior agreement, which may be granted or withheld at its sole discretion.


From the moment their teams arrive at the team hotel until the conclusion of the finals, participating associations may not display (including on any clothing) any third party commercial identification or branding in any stadium or official training centre of the finals, or at any official UEFA press conference, other than:

  1. on kit used at unofficial training sessions;

  2. in the indoor press conference facility at their official training centre (or another press conference location approved by UEFA) when used for unofficial events/activities;

  3. manufacturer’s identification on kit, in accordance with the UEFA Equipment Regulations.


Associations participating in the finals may be permitted to make coaching films, which must not be used for any purposes whatsoever other than for the instruction of players, referees and officials of the relevant associations. Permission to film and produce such coaching films must be obtained from the UEFA administration in writing. Such permission sets out any relevant financial and other conditions. Available space and locations for the relevant film crews are limited and any such requests for permission must be submitted to the UEFA administration at least 30 days before the start of the finals. All practical filming arrangements, including access, working areas, number and size of crews, types of camera, etc., are communicated by UEFA in advance by circular letter or a similar means of communication. All intellectual property rights in and to any and all material recorded for such purposes must be assigned to UEFA in writing and, if so requested by UEFA, a copy of all relevant film material provided to UEFA within 24 hours of any such request being made. No other filming, recording or photography is permitted at any event held at a stadium, at any training session designated as official by UEFA (excluding the training session on the day before the match (or part thereof) that is open to the media), at any official UEFA press conference or otherwise at any official event during the finals without UEFA’s prior approval.


On registering for the competition, associations must grant UEFA the non-exclusive right, if such association qualifies for the finals, to use and/or sub-license the right to use free of charge the association’s imagery for incorporation into commercial and promotional merchandise and materials (together with packaging and promotional materials for such merchandise and materials) provided that any such merchandise and materials: (a) relate to the finals, (b) include the competition name and/or a competition logo (or the name and/or logo of the finals), (c) include association imagery from each of the other participating associations and (d) do not give undue prominence to the association imagery of any one participating association or group of participating associations. The requirements specified in (c) and (d) do not apply to the use of the association imagery of the participating association that wins the competition where such association imagery is featured in images of the celebration of its victory following the final match (for example, photographs of the presentation and lifting of the trophy). Such merchandise and materials may be sold or distributed free of charge and may include customary references to and/or branding of any manufacturer, distributor and/or provider of the relevant merchandise and materials, provided that no such reference or branding implies an endorsement of any such third party or its products and/or services by any participating association. This paragraph does not relate to the imagery of any association’s players.


Each participating association must support and ensure that its players, coaches, officials and other employees support the commercial programme established by UEFA to exploit the marketing rights to the finals, including the promotional programmes run by UEFA and its commercial affiliates (e.g. ball boys/girls, player escorts, match-ball carriers, flag bearers, player of the match awards and stadium tours). In this regard, each association must ensure that its players, coaches, officials and other employees do not use or otherwise exploit, directly or indirectly, any commercial rights to the finals without UEFA’s express prior agreement, which may be granted or withheld at its sole discretion.


Further to Paragraph 41.02, associations shall not, and shall ensure that their team sponsors and other commercial partners do not, directly or indirectly, use tickets to matches in the finals for advertising, sales promotions or any other commercial purposes other than as expressly permitted under their ticket allocation agreement. This includes, for example, offering for sale tickets that are intended for resale or are intended to be bundled with travel or accommodation, or using tickets as premiums, giveaways or prizes in a competition, contest or sweepstake. The operation of any promotion that explicitly, implicitly or otherwise includes tickets to matches in the finals shall be considered an infringement of this rule.


UEFA declines all responsibility and liability in the event of any conflict between any agreement entered into by an association and any arrangement entered into by UEFA relating to the exploitation of the commercial rights to the finals.