Article 68 Matchday media activities – finals - Nations League

Regulations of the UEFA Nations League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
11 December 2023

Interviews are not permitted during the match on the field of play itself or in its immediate vicinity.


Interviews are coordinated by UEFA in predetermined locations and according to the following rules:

  1. Each team must make its head coach and/or a player on the match sheet available for two pre-match interviews with the host broadcaster or the main audiovisual rightsholder from its country, as determined by UEFA. These interviews can take place any time between the team's arrival at the stadium and the end of the warm-up. The timings must be agreed by the team and UEFA. Any additional pre-match interviews are subject to the agreement of the team.

  2. Half-time interviews may be conducted with the head coach, the assistant coach or the players, subject to their agreement.

  3. Each team must make its head coach or one player available for a super-flash interview with the host broadcaster or the main audiovisual rights holder from its country as determined by UEFA. This interview takes place immediately after the final whistle on or next to the pitch. Additional super-flash interviews are subject to the agreement of the team.

  4. Flash interviews and indoor studio interviews are obligatory and take place after the match. Each team must provide three interviews with the main audiovisual rights holder of the country of their NA, two interviews with each of the other unilateral audiovisual rights holders, and one interview with each of the audiovisual rights holders operating in any multilateral flash interview position(s). The head coach, if requested, must be available for at least four of the above interviews, including at least one with an audiovisual rights holder operating in a multilateral flash interview position. The players made available for the above interviews must include the UEFA Player of the Match. Players only provided for post-match super-flash interviews are not considered as fulfilling the minimum requirements for flash interviews and indoor studio interviews. Teams must ensure that the head coach and players are available for such interviews within 15 minutes of the end of the match, except in exceptional circumstances.

  5. Players selected for doping controls may conduct post-match interviews upon approval of the UEFA doping control officer and provided that the player is escorted by a chaperone appointed by the UEFA doping control officer.

  6. If a team's head coach is suspended for the match, or is sent off during the match, the team may provide the assistant coach for the post-match interviews instead of the head coach.

  7. Teams must fulfil interview requests from audiovisual rights holders before conducting interviews with their national association media platforms.


The official post-match UEFA press conferences at the match stadium are coordinated by UEFA and must start no later than 20 minutes after the final whistle. Both teams are obliged to make their head coach, as well as the UEFA Player of the Match, available for the press conference. After the final, the UEFA Player of the Tournament must attend the press conference. The team press officer may be asked to provide interpretation if the head coach speaks a different language than the team's association. If the head coach is suspended for the match, or is sent off during the match, the team may choose to make the assistant coach available for the post-match press conference instead of the head coach.


After the match, a mixed zone is set up for the media on the way from the dressing rooms to the team transport area. This area – accessible only to coaches, players and representatives of the media – is divided into areas with different access points, as determined by UEFA. All the players who participated in the match, including fielded substitutes, are obliged to pass through the mixed zone. In addition, a minimum of three players who participated in the match per team must conduct interviews in the designated areas of the mixed zone.


After the match, teams are responsible for ensuring that all relevant players that have won official UEFA awards (including, for example, UEFA Player of the Match or UEFA Player of the Tournament) attend the relevant official event, ceremony, press conference or presentation.