B.10 Transport - Regions Cup

Regulations of the UEFA Regions' Cup

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
20 September 2022

The host is responsible for satisfying the following transport requirements:

  1. The teams, referees and UEFA match officers must be welcomed upon their arrival in the host country and transported to the hotel. They must also be provided with transport from their accommodation to their point of departure at the end of their stay.

  2. Each team must be provided with a modern 50-seater bus (with air-conditioning and dedicated driver) for the entire duration of the tournament to cover all the team’s reasonable requests, including local excursions. The host must provide the visiting teams with the transport concept/rules at the organisational meeting.

  3. Two people carriers (minibuses with nine seats) with drivers must be provided to transport the referees to and from matches.

  4. Anti-doping controls (three additional vehicles per match, i.e. one per team to transport the players and team doctor back to the hotel and one for the doping control officer).

  5. The host is also requested to organise transport for official members of delegations who would like to see matches involving opponents.