B.10.1 Meals - Regions Cup

Regulations of the UEFA Regions' Cup

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 April 2024

Meals must be provided according to the following rules:

  1. Three meals a day must be served to the teams and the UEFA representatives in accordance with their match and training schedules. Menus should respect sports nutrition guidelines as well as taking the national eating habits of the participating teams into account.

  2. A detailed menu plan must be submitted to the participating teams one month before the start of the mini-tournament. Should a team have any special dietary requests, these must be submitted to the host at least two weeks before the start of the mini-tournament. Any cost difference between the proposed and requested menus must be borne by the requesting team.

  3. The hotels should be flexible when it comes to catering for special requests and the teams should be able to bring their own cook, food and drink. The hotels must also be flexible about mealtimes in order to adapt to the kick-off times of matches and the teams’ return travel to the hotel.

  4. A good variety of food in sufficient quantities must be provided. All meals should be served buffet style and the food must be kept at an appropriate temperature all the time.