B.2 Local organising structure - Regions Cup

Regulations of the UEFA Regions' Cup

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 April 2024

The host is responsible for setting up a local organising structure (LOS) composed of at least:

  1. One tournament director, who must not occupy a key position within the host association's team;

  2. One transport manager;

  3. One referee liaison officer (RLO) appointed by the host association, preferably an active or former referee, who must speak fluent English, be familiar with the region where the tournament is taking place and hold a valid driving licence;

  4. One sports facilities officer, who is responsible for ensuring that all the necessary facilities and services regarding stadiums and training grounds are provided in accordance with Chapter V and the relevant paragraphs of Chapter VIII;

  5. One person in charge of all safety/security matters, who is responsible for informing the competent local authorities about the mini-tournament, implementing the orders of the local authorities and UEFA regarding safety and security (e.g. alcohol sales policy, confiscation of dangerous objects at the venue, anti-racism measures, prevention of pitch invasions, securing the competition area, etc.) and ensuring that all necessary measures are implemented so that the teams, officials, spectators, etc. are provided with a safe, comfortable and friendly environment;

  6. One medical officer, who is responsible for ensuring that all medical requirements are met in accordance with the UEFA Medical Regulations;

  7. One team liaison officer for each visiting team, who must be service-minded and available 24 hours a day, must have a good command of English, a good knowledge of football and a good knowledge of the region where the tournament is taking place, should ideally speak the language of the team to which they have been assigned, and whose role is to:

    • ensure that the team is satisfied with the facilities and services provided;

    • assist the team in all matters from their arrival in the host country until their departure;

    • liaise between the team, the LOS and any UEFA representatives;

    • attend daily meetings with the LOS to discuss any practical matters, if applicable;

    • accompany the team to all events, notably meetings, training sessions, matches and excursions, if so requested;

    • ensure that any material or services promised to the team by the LOS are delivered;

    • attend any official meetings;

    • act as an interpreter;

    • provide useful information on the lifestyle and traditions of the country and region where the tournament is taking place.

  8. One venue media manager;

The host must ensure that the members of the LOS are duly authorised to fulfil their various tasks.