B.7 Tournament organisational meeting - Regions Cup

Regulations of the UEFA Regions' Cup

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
1 April 2024

A tournament organisational meeting must be held, preferably the day before the start of the tournament. The time of this meeting must be determined according to the arrival of the teams and UEFA match officers. If this meeting cannot take place the day before the start of the tournament, it should be organised on the morning of the first matchday.

The meeting is chaired by the UEFA match delegate and held in English. It must be attended by the following persons:

  1. UEFA

    • Match delegate

    • Referee observer

  2. Teams

    • Head of delegation

    • Team liaison officer (if possible)

  3. LOS

    • Tournament director

    • Sport facilities officer

    • Safety/security officer

    • Transport officer

    • Medical officer

    • Referee liaison officer

    • Venue media manager

The aim of this meeting is to provide the teams and all the other parties playing a role in the tournament with the following information:

  1. Tournament programme

  2. Rules and guidelines regarding the hotel(s)

  3. Match arrangements

  4. Transport system

  5. Referee appointments

  6. Instructions on the use of training grounds (notably the deadline for changes to the training schedule and the cost of rental in the event of a last-minute cancellation)

In addition, at the end of the meeting, the UEFA match officers determine the team colours for all matches in cooperation with the heads of delegations, and check the colours to be used by the ball kids with the LOS.

Furthermore, the match delegate, in cooperation with the heads of delegations, arranges a schedule for the player identity checks. If the teams are in different hotels, the match delegate can ask the referee observer, but not the referees, to assist.

For the purposes mentioned above, each head of delegation is requested to bring to the meeting the final list of 18 players, the players’ passports/ identity cards and the full first and second-choice outfield player and goalkeeper kit colours (shirt, shorts and socks).

A room with a capacity for a minimum of 30 people must be reserved for this tournament organisational meeting.

If deemed necessary, an additional meeting between the tournament director, the heads of delegations and the match delegate may be organised each morning in order to review the previous day, discuss the programme for the current and next day and raise any complaints or suggestions.