Article 45 Financial rules - Super Cup

Regulations of the UEFA Super Cup

Content Type
Competition Regulations
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
1 July 2021

The amounts paid by UEFA are gross amounts. As such they cover any and all taxes, levies and charges.


The costs of board and lodging of the referee team, as well as their domestic and international travel expenses and daily allowances are borne by UEFA.


For this match, UEFA owns all rights relating to tickets and decides on the number of tickets to be allocated to the participating clubs (these allocations do not necessarily have to be equal) and to the host association, specifies the size of the various ticket allocations delivered at any one time, and issues special instructions for the distribution of these tickets. Such decisions and instructions are final and binding.


UEFA may issue ticketing terms and conditions, as well as special instructions, guidelines and/or directives for the sale and/or distribution of tickets (including those contained in the UEFA Safety and Security Regulations). Such UEFA decisions and/or requirements are final. Furthermore, the host association and the participating clubs must provide all necessary cooperation to UEFA for enforcing such ticketing terms and conditions in order to ensure that:

  1. no person may conduct any promotional or commercial activity at the stadium, without the prior written approval of UEFA;

  2. tickets must not be used for any commercial purposes such as for promotion, advertising, use as a prize in a competition/sweepstake, or as part of a hospitality or travel package, without the prior written approval of UEFA;

  3. all people attending the match acknowledge that use may be made (free of charge) of their voice, image and/or likeness in still images and audio/visual transmissions relating to the match;

  4. no person attending the match may, without UEFA’s prior written approval, record, transmit and/or exploit any sound, image, data, statistics and/or description of the match for any purpose other than for private use.


The Executive Committee decides on the financial distribution model in favour of:

  1. the two participating clubs

  2. the host association

  3. UEFA.


UEFA organises hotel accommodation for the two clubs. Any hotel contracts, or the responsibility for managing all relevant services relating to such contracts, are transferred to the clubs upon qualification, and any payments that UEFA has made to those hotels in advance are deducted from the bonus payments due.


Each club is responsible for its own expenses.


The accounts of this match must be submitted to the UEFA administration within one month of this match taking place.