Article 55 Playing attire approval - Women's Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Women's Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
2 February 2022

The UEFA Equipment Regulations apply to all matches in the competition, unless specified otherwise in these regulations.


Exceptionally, the domestic equipment regulations of the relevant associations apply for all matches up to and including round 2, provided that the sponsor advertising on the playing attire complies with Article 27 of the UEFA Equipment Regulations and the playing attire has been approved for and worn in domestic competition matches.


All clubs must submit the playing attire approval form together with the competition entry documents to the UEFA administration for approval.


Playing attire used by clubs as of the group stage must be approved by the UEFA administration. The following deadlines apply for the submission to the UEFA administration of samples of the first-choice and second-choice playing attires for outfield players and goalkeepers as well as any additional playing attires and/or items of playing attire (shirt, shorts or socks):

  1. 2 August 2021 for clubs that qualify directly for the group stage;

  2. 27 August 2021 for clubs that are participating in round 2 for the playing attire to be used for the group stage in case of qualification.