Article 78 Provisions specific to the final - Women's Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Women's Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
English (United Kingdom)
Enforcement Date
30 August 2021

The clubs participating in the final must hold a media open day in the week immediately preceding the final. The exact timings are agreed in advance with UEFA. The media open day must consist of, as a minimum, a press conference with the head coach, a fully open training session (one hour in duration), flash interviews with the head coach and key players with audiovisual rights holders and a mixed zone. Broadcasters present in the flash positions should receive a minimum of two interviews each. In principle, the full squad must be made available on that day and the activity can either take place at the stadium or at the training ground.


Each club competing in the final should hold its training session in the match stadium on the day before the match. The entire training session shall be open to the media.


UEFA reviews all broadcast facilities, positions, access and operations for the final and adapts the plans and requirements accordingly to ensure the highest possible standard of coverage.


The club that wins the final must provide at least four post-match interviews for the main audiovisual rights holder of the country of the club and two interviews for each of the remaining broadcasters. A broadcaster with a superflash position must receive at least two interviews on the pitch. Any player conducting an interview with its official club platform is subject to the same rules that are applicable in the season.


The team losing the final must, if requested, provide three interviews with the main audiovisual rights holder of their country, two interviews with each of the other unilateral audiovisual rights holders, and one interview with each of the audiovisual rights holders operating in any multilateral flash interview position. All interviews must be conducted within 45 minutes of the trophy lift.